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Emotion Recognition and Analysis for Marketing Content

Updated: Jun 16, 2020


ABC is a large FMCG company based out of Singapore. Growing at an extremely fast rate and increasing their content spends on a monthly basis, the company seeks to establish a strategy to increase their brand recall and customer’s purchase intent across their product portfolios. ABC wanted to find innovative ways to create better marketing content.


As it works the company ABC used to analyze their content production according to its performance in the market(post-publishing). This made constructive feedback loops a nightmare because the written word did not have quantifiable metrics, meaning that the company had to rely on the individual, and hence, subjective, judgment of writers. This was unacceptable for this company because they wanted a data oriented approach, and put a lot of stock in their ability to apply and process their data.


During the preliminary assessment, our team identified the following challenges at company ABC:

Problem 1: First of all, their content creation was outsourced to a content agency. The process of creating content was based on intuition and not backed by any data.

Problem 2: There is no technology available that can measure the emotional quotient of the content and help the marketer validate if their content will strike a rapport with their consumers.

Problem 3: Thirdly, many of the metrics collected internally at the organization were inaccurate, which gave room for human errors, and other inefficiencies.

Fig: Important Metrics for ABC

  • CTR: Number of people who view an ad, actually end up clicking on it. CTR for ABC varied from 0.05% to 1% for Google Display Network and Search Network respectively which are relatively low as compared with industry standards.

  • Second important metric is Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate for ABC was at 75% and Stay at 25%.


Instoried’s emotional intelligence opens up the doors to quantify writing as a probability distribution (or a composition) of 5 primary emotions- Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Surprise, each its own comparative data point. Including our sentiment analysis, this gives us unique pre-publishing metrics to analyse performance. Coupling this with the capability of our recommendation engine to suggest changes in the writing to influence the composition, allowed Company ABC to increase their CTR and decrease their Bounce Rate significantly.

Fig: Process followed by Instoried


As a result of the analysis performed and content created using our tool, company ABC witnessed an increase in CTR to 0.47% and 2.18% for Google Display Network and Search Network respectively in 3 months.

New Bounce Rate for ABC dropped to 40% and stay increased to 60%.

Fig: x- axis: Time, y-axis: CTR; Google Display Network

Fig: x- axis: Time, y-axis: CTR; Search Network

Fig: Earlier

Fig: After

- by Sharmin Ali & Havaz Mohammad

Emotion recognition and analysis for mar
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