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Influencer Marketing on Social Media through AI

Influencer marketing is the freshest entrant in the digital marketing space that has opened up new avenues for brands and content creators. The exponential growth has brought it under the spotlight. Most brands including fortune 500 brands and marketing agencies are yet to figure out how to extract the potential out of this new form of marketing.

Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) has already brought about a revolution in any industry or domain you can think of. Marketing is also one of them. If you are a small, medium or large size business, the three key challenges that you might face are:

  1. Creation of relevant and impactful content

  2. Identifying the right influencers that sync with your brand

  3. Posting the right amount of content

To solve these challenges Artificial Intelligence(AI) based tools are being used by brands. The ultimate advantage of influencer marketing can be obtained through data science where large amounts of data are fed into the Machine Learning engine to give you the best outputs.

Here’s how Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) will help you extract the ultimate potential out of it:

Searching for relevant influencers:

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is finding the right influencers. This research if done manually consumes a lot of time and is energy intensive, moreover, after all the efforts you still might not be able to find the right influencers for your brand. The social media space is flooded with influencers, finding the genuine ones is another task in itself.

Research shows that an average person sees up to 1000 Ads or brand messages a day. The question is how do you stand out in the crowd? How will you ensure that your content empathizes with the audience? Do not worry, AI is here to help.

AI analyzes the type of visual content you’re looking for, moreover, you can even feed the AI engine with your preferred hashtags, interests, audience and it will scout the right influencers for you within seconds. It always keeps a watch on updates and will also update you with fresh and potential accounts for future needs.

How much should you be charged?

There is no set industry standards yet for the amount an influencer charges for posting content. It might be really difficult to come up with a number since it depends on various parameters such as the engagement rate, number of active followers, audience reach, regions, demographics of followers and a lot more.

It is also not feasible to verify this data manually as it can become very time and energy intensive, moreover this data is not readily available and would require external applications and tools.

AI helps in collating and analyzing historical data of the influencers’ social media posts from their accounts and can tell you if a particular influencer is the right fit for your brand or not. Not only this will help you find the right influencers but the AI will also give you an estimate of the pricing pattern for relevant influencers to choose from.

Predicting ROI of your Influencer Marketing Campaign:

No influencer or advertising platforms guarantee you an ROI. It’s difficult to come up with a number. Even if you find an influencer that has great engagement, you might not get the ROI you’re expecting. Calculating social media metrics is one thing but converting them to revenue still remains a challenge for marketers.

AI finds strong relations between the metrics of different posts to analyze the performance of your Advertisement. For a human this would take numerous years whereas the AI engine analyzes this in seconds. Only a machine can deal with huge amounts of data in an efficient way and draw realistic conclusions.

The future of influencer marketing:

It has been on the rise ever since it came into existence and brands have started shifting their marketing budgets from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing. There is also an internal shift in Ad budgets from Social Media Ads to Influencer marketing campaigns. AI is playing a prominent role in ensuring the success of these influencer marketing campaigns by offering remarkable accuracy and efficiency in the integration process and flow.

-by Dhananjay Mukerji



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