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Instoried’s Metrics for Panel Testing

Panel testing is a feature that has been recently added to the Content Testing platform offered by Instoried. The need for it comes from the fact that testing content using Artificial Intelligence, while effective, needs to be reinforced with real-world affirmation. After all, AI does not feel, it merely knows all that has worked before, and hence predicts what will work now. But it lacks the intuitive judgment that is exclusive to humans. So we set about creating a feature that would enable our customers to leverage this very important side to testing their content, all part of our endeavor to help them reduce their spending and maximize effectiveness for effort in the mammoth task of content-based marketing.

The operation is simple, once you have analyzed your content using the AI model, for its emotional parameters, you submit a request for panel testing. At the core of this feature is a carefully curated checklist of marketing parameters. And that checklist is the subject of this post.

We adopted a twin-pronged elimination mechanism to arrive at the final checklist. First, we listed down as many possible parameters as we could think of that could serve and assist the emotional analysis that our AI-model provides. The challenge was to find maximum compatibility with our pre-existing emotional parameters.

The first step was to put this list in front of probable readers of marketing content. A few sessions with focus groups allowed us to narrow down our initial list of 50-odd parameters to a good, round number of 25. Then came the interesting part.

We constituted a panel of well-regarded marketing experts and set up some meetings where they discussed(with each other, we were only curators in this exercise) which metrics would best help them analyze the content that they produce. After a few fiery discussions, and eventual reconciliation, we were able to arrive at the 15 best actionable parameters- to be rated on a meter between 0 to 5.

We further classified these metrics into 3 buckets of 5 parameters each, as listed below.

Bucket 1- Purchase Intent

(Gauge the intent of a prospect/reader to buy on reading tested content)

Relevance- How relevant is the content in the context of this particular reader?

Remarkability- Is the content out of the ordinary? Is it different from what the reader usually sees in relation to similar services/products? This metric measures recall and impressionability.

Off-Putting rate- Was the reader put off by the content? Did it insight a sense of cringe at any point over the course of reading it?

Credibility- Does the reader feel that the content in question is credible? Do they find themselves questioning the source of the information related?

Motivation to act- Measures how motivated to buy (the product/service on offer) the reader is upon reading the content in question.

Bucket 2- Shareability

(How likely is it that the reader shares the content with their respective information sphere?)

Likeability-How much did the reader like the content? Would they leave a like for it on a social media platform?

Uniqueness- Was the content original in context to the reader? Was it authentic?

Arousal- Did the content create an impact on the reader? Did it elicit a sense of attraction?

Interest level- How interested is the reader in this type of content?

Gripping quotient- How intensely gripped was the reader by the content? Do they want to see more of this?

Bucket 3- Value Proposition

(Is the promise of value to the reader clear upon reading said content?)

Story structure- Does the piece have a beginning, middle and end? Does it effectively enunciate the problem, analysis, and solution?

Informativity- Does this content inform the reader of something they did not already know?

Superficiality- Was the content shallow? Did it come off shallow, i.e, as if not a lot of effort was put into the creation process?

Clarity- Is the content clean? As opposed to cluttered writing and hard-to-follow tangents.

Consumer Alignment- Is the content aligned with what buyers of the product/service wants to see/read?

This checklist of metrics is the final result of applying the exhaustive processes mentioned above. Beyond these the tool also allows for the testers to lodge a brief descriptive answer as to what they like about the content and what they do not. The objective, as it has always been, is to make your marketing content as effective as possible!

-by Havaz Mhd



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