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Successful Marketing during the Pandemic (COVID-19): 5 Tips

Even before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, it had taken a toll on businesses all around the globe. If you are lucky then you might not be one of those who had to close down their businesses or lost their jobs. This sounds even worse than contracting the deadly coronavirus disease, right? In these times of uncertainty marketing has become a challenge for small and medium size businesses. We want to share 5 pointers with you that will help you successfully navigate and level up your marketing strategies.

1. Reassess your campaigns:

With restrictions on and off all around the world, you have to rethink and strategize your campaigns’ performance in different regions around the world. You need to do a fresh market research and reassess the situations every few weeks to make sure you're targeting right. You have to notice the unusual trends from your insights and Ad reports.

The pandemic has also opened up new opportunities and markets that didn't exist sometime back. A thorough analysis will help you identify market trends and markets you can target and shift your Ad budgets to. Due to restrictions people are spending more money locally. Have you always neglected local audiences? This is the time to market and sell locally.

2. Content is King:

You must have heard this a gazillion times. Content is one small part of content marketing but it still remains the king. Yes, even during the pandemic! To understand this we first need to know how people used to consume content earlier vs how people consume content now. Work from home has made lives different.

Working from the kitchen while managing your children and yet keeping an eye on multiple other tasks has become the new normal. Content consumption is way different from before. Brands need to leverage such opportunities and help their audiences in these complex environments. We have seen brands like Nike instantly change their strategies and launch campaigns like “Play Inside”. They offered users healthy diet tips and exercise routines that could be done at home. Times are tense and brands that are helping people ease out are growing during this period.

3. Context is also king:

To hit a home run you have to be at the right place at the right time. But how do you hit a home run on every ball that comes towards you? Understand the sentiments of your audience. Does your business talk about things that your consumers want to hear?

Emotional content analysis through AI can help you determine if your content bears the relevance or not. It will tell you how your content will sound and what emotions it would evoke in the reader. This is how you can be sure of your campaign's performance even before your spend. You can optimize your campaigns before running them and thus run cost effective campaigns.

4. Contribute wherever you can:

This is the time to show that you care. Analyze and come up with ways you can help the people and the planet in these unprecedented times. Turn these actions into marketing campaigns. It is proven that campaigns based on sustainability, helping the local community and the likes perform far better than regular campaigns.

You might even get free coverage from the press and this is a big chance to up or even create a brand image that people will remember.

5. Be creative and shift priorities:

Creative Ad copies can be a game changer during this time. Include humor in your content. Ads containing humorous content perform better than the ones that don’t. You might even need to hire people for this. Collaborate with content creators if you need to. Influencer marketing has already unfolded exponentially.

You might need to change the priorities of your business and reassess your KPIs. Evaluate your budgets and re-channelize them. Many alcohol beverage producing companies started manufacturing hand sanitizers. Fashion giants like Louis Vuitton are selling masks too. You have to brainstorm on how your business can stand out.

During stormy times like these there is no fixed way to navigate but these five pointers can help you move towards light. These guidelines will help your business evolve and come out stronger than ever before.

-by Dhananjay Mukerji



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