4 Things you need to know before you start Content Marketing for a Fashion Brand

Whether you are a multi-million dollar luxury fashion brand or a designer struggling to create a brand, these are some tips and tricks that would help you grow in the content space and drive ROI like never before. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve using content marketing? Do not worry if you are not sure. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you want to generate leads? Do you want to spread brand awareness? These are the 2 broad categories that will help you strategize your content marketing for different social media. Who is your target audience? Your target audience will also define your marketing strategy and budget. Say, If you’re targeting teenagers, your posts will have to vibe with their interests. You need to know what’s trending in that age group, be it a certain game or an app like TikTok. If you are a luxury fashion brand targeting women in the age group of 25-40 yrs, you would look for themes related to a luxury lifestyle like a yacht party or luxury stay and travel. Knowing the target audience will help you to empathize with your audience so that you are in their shoes and you know their desires. It also helps in mapping out their journey and knowing the nodes where they might be interested in buying what you are selling. Don’t always try to sell: Every interaction with the target audience should never be about sales, try to connect with your audience through content and sales will eventually happen. If you make your audience feel that you tried to sell them the latest designer t-shirt you’ve launched at every point, they would walk away and never return. Your content should vibe with them without giving them a hint that you tried to sell something to them. Use customer interactions as marketing content: In the fashion industry customers always love to share how stunning they look in the dress they just bought during the launch of the fall collection. Re-share your customers posts on your social media and encourage them to share posts and tag your brand’s social media handles. Giving your loyal customers a discount coupon would go a long way in nurturing customer relationships. Don’t forget to tag your customers, they feel delighted when a brand recognises them. It’s proven that this kind of marketing actually works better than the brand itself sharing their products. This approach delivers a higher level of authenticity to the fresh audience and they trust the brand more since they see people reviewing and using the products in real life. Case Study of a luxury fashion brand that has offline presence in over 300 stores worldwide but did not have a visibility in the social media space: Challenge: To create a brand image on Instagram and Facebook that differentiates from the competition and start a sales funnel through organic posts. Although the brand had stores all over the world, they did not have any online presence. Solution: We created a comprehensive content marketing strategy after deeply analyzing their product, goals and the target audience. We fine tuned the company’s message to give the brand an updated look and feel and created a brand image around sustainability, balance and best practices that the brand followed in the fashion industry like manufacturing 100% recyclable products, tracking down the supply chain and supporting local communities. Improved audience targeting through the use of relevant hashtags and tagging, using location tags for geographical targeting and sharing customer testimonials. Results: A significant boost in the post engagements. Free shout-outs from pages and brands that support sustainable and ethical fashion brands. Higher number of customers started tagging the luxury fashion brand in their posts after they were aware of the whole process that goes behind the craft. A boost in the number of followers in just a period of 1 month. Increase in the number of fresh website visitors. All these results were obtained with $0 investment in the campaigns. -by Dhananjay Mukerji


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