Effective Content Testing for a Fast Fashion Retail Brand to Drive ROI

THE PROBLEM A high -end fast fashion retailer from London was blindly increasing their annual marketing spends Y.O.Y. However, consumer views and interest on their digital media platforms was continuously falling. The Company reached out to us at Instoried to help them improve content consumption and drive ROI for multiple geographies. THE APPROACH We first tried to understand the company's basis of content creation and the corresponding content consumption rate by their target customers, across multiple content formats(text, images and videos). We found that all of their content creation was based on intuition and there was no customer -centric, data-driven approach employed to understand if their content would even stick with their audiences, in order to drive ROI. THE SOLUTION Using our content A/B testing approach, we designed a set of 5 metrics that were important for the company to understand user sentiments and reactions towards their content. The company was able to achieve a 3.5% increase in their click-through rate in less than a quarter. This drove ROI increase by 1.5X. -by Sharmin Ali


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